He’s standing on his hind legs!

Two days ago, Baby C took his first steps.

And I wasn’t there to see it.
It’s alright though – I was the second person to see him walk, after his daycare provider, and the joy, pride, and sadness still hit me hard. Wearing his gray jeans and a long-sleeved onesie with sprinkled with bears, he toddled towards me, arms out and mouth wide open. When I caught him, the whole daycare erupted with cheers and he even gave himself a round of applause.

Crawling seemed to come slowly to him, and when it did, I realized (probably like most new moms) how silly I was to wish that it had happened sooner. Walking will likely be the same. He needs shoes, now, and maybe a leash! 🙂

We haven’t publicized his accomplishment to people besides my mom, since she came to visit yesterday and he showed off his biped-ness to her.
It’s a true but common observation – toddlers learning to walk really do bear a strong resemblance to drunken adults stumbling around.

Toddler. My little baby is a toddler! We took a precautionary visit to the doctor earlier this week and discovered Baby C now weighs just over 20lbs. Walking and 20lbs. Surely he’ll be moving into his own place any day now. 🙂


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