The Mama Blahs

Disclaimer: This post is meant to offer encouragement to creative mamas who sometimes struggle to gather the motivation needed to create. I’m incredibly lucky to have a supportive husband and a son that generally keeps to a set sleep schedule. Otherwise this post and the activities described within would just not be possible. 

mama blahs
Sluggish, lethargic, bloated, lazy…generally just feeling blah. Even if you’re not a mama, you recognize the feeling. Motherhood especially can bring on the blahs. Sleep deprivation, in-laws, tantrums, teething – they can wring out your motivation like a dishrag! They can lead to a nasty funk, one that’s hard to break, an enveloping fog of heavy limbs and unsettled mind.

But break it we must, because wasting the precious moments of nap time by numbing our minds with screens isn’t making us feel any better. There are projects to make, babies to play with, and stories to tell!

I have five main happy things that never cease to rescue me from the blahs. Sometimes, by taking preventative measures and squeezing in time for one or more each day, I don’t succumb to the blahs in the first place! In no particular order, these happy things are:

  • Writing
  • Playing guitar
  • Running (yoga too)
  • Painting
  • Reading

Take today as an example. Instead of being able to follow my plan of productivity for the evening, I was treated to the news my in-laws were stopping by for a surprise visit. I bit back my annoyance and hit the trails with the baby and dog in tow. After the visit and after Baby C was in bed, when all I wanted to do was lay face down on the couch and take Buzzfeed quizzes, instead I played with my new watercolor paints. Then I practiced guitar, and here I am writing. Before I fall asleep I’m going to read my library book.

So even though I’m still not feeling like my usual chipper mama self, at least I have concrete evidence that I took steps towards happiness. And tomorrow is just around the corner. 🙂


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