My boys

I’ve often envied people who possess a clear picture of what they want out of life. I understand these plans can change and evolve, but it must be reassuring to have a starting point of the things you hope to see down the road.

For my husband J, his future picture has always included kids. He has always been very sure about this (I suspect it’s from his close-knit family and still-married parents) and to be honest, it used to freak me out. Especially early in our relationship – we were pretty young and the hypothetical talks about “the future” always included marriage and kids for him. I wasn’t against it by any means, but I lacked his absolute certainty that that path in life was for me.

Flash forward to today! Not only is J totally enamored with Baby C, he has been excited about having more kids since the day Baby C came home from the hospital. I’m lucky I never worried about my husband being a good father. I’m lucky knowing that children and family are his priorities, and he isn’t afraid to show it.

Note: This does not mean he’s automatically the perfect child rearing partner – like all new parents we STRUGGLED at first and have only recently gotten a good rhythm down (almost a year and a half later!)

There are so many instances of my husband showing off his fatherly skills and devotion, but there was something particularly special about last night.

Baby C had already been put down for the night, and J and I were enjoying our four season porch listening to the evening rain. I had a book and he had his phone = happy moment. Short lived of course, because Baby C was not settling down.

After it became clear the little dude was not going to fall asleep, J went to get him. They came back downstairs and proceeded to enjoy the happiest playtime I’ve ever witnessed. The bonding that took place in that two hour time frame was impressive.

As I looked on (yes usually I play with the family but my new library book told me it was OK to sit this one out 🙂 ) my boys played all sorts of games, some of which included:

  • Accurately putting block shapes back through their proper slots
  • Practicing overhand throwing with these same block shapes accompanied by delighted giggles
  • Playing “crash”  – which consisted of my husband “flying” Baby C into the armchair, the baby carefully wiggling himself feet-first back onto the ground, and unsteadily toddling back to J, often tripping on the bottoms of his too-big penguin PJ’s.
  • “Singing” – one person holds a single note for an extended length of time and everyone is expected to join in and get louder until the dog starts to howl.

My husband had to leave the room once to check something in the kitchen, and Baby C followed him. Once J was looking at him, Baby C pointed imperiously back at the porch with the toys and grunted impatiently. Don’t think you can get off the hook that easily, Daddy! 🙂

I hope most dads are like this with their kids – it’s the true definition of heartwarming. Not only does it reinforce my love for my husband, but it gives me an idea of how to picture my future: my boys and me, together and laughing.

Dads are pretty important!


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