Photo by my talented friend Kelsey

Brave, badass, creative, and resilient as hell.
Not to brag, but if you’re a mom, you are all of these things.
And you should be proud!

I’ve been working on taking pride in motherhood, and to me at least, it’s not something that comes naturally. Call it cultural conditioning, millennial guilt, FOMO, whatever, but it sucks, and I’m over it.

~~To be clear – you want to have kids? Great! You don’t? Also great! It’s your uterus. Because as radical as it may seem, women are people, and people are capable of making their own decisions. *gasp*

This blog is a natural progression of my pregnant epiphany that having passions and a healthy support system equal a happier individual  – one much better equipped to care for other humans.

I’m excited to celebrate and document my stumbles through raising a small person, and I’d love for you to join me!

Of course I’ll cover motherhood, but that’s a huge umbrella. So if you also enjoy books, fitness, a little dose of indie music, and of course, Harry Potter, you should absolutely stick around ☺

You can follow my muggle struggles on Instagram: @momsamuggle

My featured image is by my talented friend Kelsey – check her out!